About us

Since 1942 F.lli Montagna srl has been operating  in the field of plastic materials, specialising in both injection moulding and regeneration.

The core business of our production is a wide range of accessories for rolling shutters such as pulleys, caps, plastic boxes, ball bearings, guide rollers and other articles which are used for the raising of rolling shutters.

The quality of our articles and our reliability are appreciated by the most important European societies of our branch, so that we have become a market leader.

On your kind request, we would be pleased to send you a cost estimate for the construction of moulds for the realization of new articles.

There are a lot of application possibilities which range from  the building industry to motorcycling and from furnishing to  the electro-hydraulic sector.

We are interested in buying lots of ground plastic materials from industrial production rejects or unsold goods such as ABS, ABS/PC, PC,  PS and PA of any kind.